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Friends of Pilgrims Membership

The Friends of the Pilgrims membership welcomes individuals who are not eligible for General Society of Mayflower Descendants membership by descent, but who share family ties and common interests. Membership in the Mayflower Society requires proof of a direct line of descent from a passenger on the Mayflower.  We know that the men, women and children who landed at Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620 were bound by strong family and community ties.  Many family members, planters, craftsmen and families seeking new opportunities came after the original passenger.  The contributed to the New World by building stronger communities and relying on the Mayflower Compact to instill direct democracies.

The DC Mayflower Society seeks to continue its' early American heritage by seeking opportunities to contribute to our community.  While not all our neighbors specifically share Mayflower passenger direct lineage, many are part of the Mayflower heritage.

The Friends of the Pilgrims is open to anyone who loves history and the Pilgrims.  This may include:

~Spouses, half-brothers/sisters,

~Family members of current members or deceased members,

~Adopted children/grandchildren of members, or

~Those who may become Mayflower members but have yet to prove their lineage.

The first step towards a Friends of the Pilgrims membership is to be sponsored or recommended by a current DC Mayflower Society or GSMD member in good standing.  Next complete the Friends of the Pilgrims application and return it to our Membership Secretary.  The initial membership fee is $65, and $15 for each year thereafter.  Friends of the Pilgrims Application.

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